Do you provide shipping for kittens?

Yes, we provide shipping as following:
1) Car - $180 (up to 50-miles)
2) Plane - $250 to $300 (plus $50 fee for a cage) *

* Shipping by plane is available only for USA and must be paid by receiver on arrival. Kitten must be 4 months of age in order to be shipped.

Is it possible to see the kittens before purchase?

Yes! Always welcome (by appointment only).

Is deposit required?

Deposit is not necessarily required if you pick up the kitten next day.

How do I send my deposit?

We accept all deposits only via PayPal or Cash in the amount of $300 (deposit is not refundable).

Do kittens have vaccinations?

When kittens reach 2 months of age, we bring them to our local VET for vaccination. Each kitten will be given a minimum of its first series of shots.

Do you sell breeding rights?

No! All kittens are sold as pets only.

Do you allow declawing?

No! We do not allow declawing our kittens after purchase (subject to contract of sale).

What should I purchase for my kitten?

In your local pet store you need to purchase health and general accessories.

Health accessories:
1. Eye wash cleanser
2. Ear wash cleanser
3. Q-tips
4. Especial trimming scissors for cat claws
5. Cats shampoo
6. Cat vitamins

General accessories:
1. Litter box
2. Cat litter
3. Litter scoop
4. Dry food ("Science Diet" recommended)
5. Cans food ("Science Diet" recommended)
6. Water/Food bowl
7. Toys